How does it work?
By subscribing with us, you receive 10% off on all subscription orders! The sign up process is simple and easy. All you have to do is choose which formula you need and how often. For an example: I need Holle Stage 1, 6 boxes, every 2 weeks. Once the subscription process is complete, get ready to have one less thing to worry about! Should you ever decide to change either the formula, quantity, or how often you are receiving it, you can always log into your account and edit the information there. If you need assistance in doing so, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help.

Subscribing is simple!
Subscriptions are available on multipack listings of 3 boxes, 6 boxes, 10 boxes, and 24 boxes. Subscriptions can be created when purchasing the item, underneath the “Quantity (Qty.)” section, there will be an option for “one-time delivery” or “subscription”. The subscription option will have a drop down box where you can choose how often you would like to receive the formula. You will then be prompted to enter your information to complete the check out process. Once you have successfully completed the checkout process, you’re all set to receive your formula.
We are currently offering subscriptions on select formulas, such as Holle, Lebenswert, HiPP German and UK. Since some formulas are not always readily available in the factories we are unable to provide subscriptions on them, as we understand that customers rely on their subscription orders.

Changes to your subscription:
As your little one grows and transitions onto the following stages, you will have the option to change your subscription without having to cancel it and recreating a new one.
Is your baby’s appetite growing? No worries, you have the option of editing the frequency of your subscription too. 

Editing your subscription has never been easier since we cater it to meet your little one's needs. Whether you would like to update the item, quantity, frequency, skip an order, change the delivery address, update the billing information, or even cancel your subscription, you can easily do it all from your account! If you need assistance in doing so, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help.
Need help? Contact Customer Service located on the top of the page or clicking the link below!