Organic quality for natural products

Bioland organic farmers guarantee a proper feeding and keeping of the animals, plant protection and fertilization without the use of any chemical-synthetics in the care of the soil fertility. Their farming values and respect for people, animals, plant and soil is in harmony with nature. The food produced in this way is suitable and gentle for the environment.

The special Bioland quality

The Bioland Guidelines for farmers and manufacturers are even stricter than those of the EC Eco-Regulation and are constantly being further developed. For over 45 years Bioland members have developed an ecologically, economically and socially sound alternative to the intensive conventional farming system. The aim of the daily work of farmers is the sustainable production of high quality and healthy food. Bioland farmers and their partners in food processing and manufacturing are operating according to strict guidelines. These go far beyond the legal minimum standard for organic food.

Comprehensive quality controls

The organic biofood is comprehensively controlled and tested by the certified farmers from the processing all the way to the finished product. This is confirmed by the bio-marking visible on the product with the green EU organic logo and the eco-control number. For products that are certified by the Bioland Association, producers and manufacturers are additionally tested for compliance with the Bioland guidelines by state-approved inspection bodies.

Quality Ingredients

The raw materials from agricultural production are subjected to a very strict control on foreign substances and unsuitable raw materials are rejected. Lebenswert formulas are made only with Bioland certified milk and there is no use of genetically engineered ingredients and is strictly controlled from pollutants. There is no added sugar, flavors, colors, or preservatives. All the formulas are gluten free.

List of Stages

Stage 1: intended for babies from birth- 6 months

Stage 2: intended for babies from 6-10 months

Stage 3: intended for babies from 10 months onwards